The founders of “Free Walking Tour Cusco”, highly recommended at TripAdvisor. También lo hacemos solo en español. Join us every day at 7:30 am, 9:50 am, 12:30 pm, 3:30 pm, and 6:00 pm. You do not get confused! We only wait by “KFC” at Plaza de Armas (Main Square), Cusco downtown always wearing a red T-shirt of “Cusco Tour Guide”.

Private Walking Tour Cusco - the best sights of Cusco city:

Cusco Tour Guide
Small groups to find hidden places at Cusco downtown.

1 person, US$ 20

– 2 to 3 people, US$ 10 each person.

– 4 to 6 people, US$ 8 each person.

– 7 to 12 people, US$ 50 for the group.

What is included?

– An authorized tour guide to walk for 3 hours by remarkable Cusco sites.


We walk by the most important Cusco sites like Plaza de Armas of Cusco city (Main Square), San Francisco squareSan Pedro market, house of the “Daughters of the Sun”llamas, and alpacas for selfiesSun temple, an impressive Incan neighborhoodanti-seismic stone walls, the Francisco Pizarro’s house to finish on the half way to San Cristobal church having a panoramic view of Cusco valley!

We have the most complete “walking tour in the city”, explained for an experienced official tour guide.

Highly recommended as first tour in town to get unique pictures!!!