Every day at 9:45 am, 12:30 pm, and 3:30 pm. We only wait for you by the “KFC” at “Plaza de Armas” (Main square), Cusco downtown always wearing a red T-shirt of “Cusco Tour Guide”. También solo en español!

Palccoyo mountain, 1 day - About three "Rainbow mountains" around Palccoyo valley.-
Palccoyo mountain
The gentle way up to Palccoyo pass
Palccoyo mountain, 1 day
Palccoyo mountain pass
Palccoyo mountain
Colorful mountains around Palccoyo mountain
Red mountains
Red mountains in the valley of Palccoyo mountain
Palccoyo mountain
Rainbow mountains in the valley of Palccoyo mountain

Price as of 2022, and 2023: 
Group service: US$ 30 or 120 soles each person.
Private service: US$ 120 each person – Minimum 2 people.

How to pay it? You will pay it in the morning of your date tour.

This one day hike is very recommended for mountain lovers who also want a easy walk to see three “Rainbow mountains” in only 2 hours exploring, the path is almost flat just to hike gentle up for 30 minutes one way.

You will be pick from 4:30 am through 5:00 am.
Our bus leaves at 5:00 am from Cusco city driving for 3 and a half hours to the start point at 5000 masl – 16400 ft.

This is the best option to see three “Rainbow mountains” so you only need to hike 30 minutes from the beginning to the pass having an impressive view of many colorful mountains along the walk even more beautiful than the very known “Rainbow mountain or Vinicunca mountain” in only 2 hours exploring.

You will also see the Ausangate glacier located only a few kms away.

You will have a proper time to enjoy the unique view of many colorful mountains.

Afterwards you have to walk 30 minutes from the pass back to the beginning to drive an hour and a half to Cusipata the lunch place, so after lunch it takes 2 more hours driving back to Cusco arriving at 6:30 pm.

What is included?
– 1 breakfast.

– Bus round trip from Cusco to the beginning point.

– Bilingual tour guide (English, and Spanish).

– First Aid kit (bottled oxygen).

– 1 lunch.

What do you need to take?
– Breakfast is not included, you have it at accommodation. We do not stop for breakfast on the way.
– 20 soles for the “Palccoyo mountain” entrance fee.
– Extra 50 soles (US$ 13) for some expenses like bottled water, snacks, etc.
– Clothes, three layers at least due to temperatures varies from 5 
°C to 25 °C.
– Sunscreen.
– Rain jacket and rain poncho (rainy season from October through middle April).
– Mittens, beanie, hat.
– Light daypack.
– Bottled water, 2 liters

Palccoyo mountain, 1 day booking: Once you have booked with us, regard it as confirmed!!!