Free Walking Tour Cusco in English, Free Walking Tour Cusco en español
Free Walking Tour Cusco in English every day at 10:00 am, 12:30 pm, and 3:30 pm.
Also at 6:00 pm but strictly on booking.
Free Walking Tour Cusco
We only await you in front of the Inca statue, right in the middle of Plaza de Armas (Main Square) always wearing a red T-shirt of "Free Walking Tour Cusco".

This is Jose Martinez a former hiking guide willing to walk with you by important Cusco downtown sites in only two hours, and 15 minutes. I decided to offer a “pay what you want tour” to count a “native” story of Cusco town.

Check below the places you will pass by:

1) I only start the tour from the Inca statue, right in the middle of Plaza de Armas (Main Square) seeing the Cathedral of the City, a greek style fountain, and other places.

2) The house of Gonzalo Pizarro descendants (one of the brothers of Francisco Pizarro). 

3) A Pisco sour class in a highly recommended restaurant.

4) The map of the old Cusco town, which had a puma shape at incan time.

8) The very beginning of the inca trails in town..

9) The unique, and still withstanding Sun street which is just a stone by stone fitted together wall.

10) You will learn how to prepare the corn beer, a drink of the incas also other local drinks (Monday to Saturday).

11) The Sun temple also called Qoricancha which means the Golden block talking about religion, rituals also passing by the most perfect inca walls.

12) Inside of an Inca palace to have an idea about housing, planning of the incas (Monday to Friday only) at every schedule (Monday to Friday).

13) A block where there are gigantic stones from two to eight tons fitted together to get to know the techniques that used the builders.

14) The twelve-angled stone at Hatunrumiyoc k’ijllu which means big stone’s street.

15) The San Blas neighborhood square, and its look out of Cusco town nearby.

16) A ceviche class in a highly recommended restaurant.

I only await by the “Inca satue” right in the middle of  Plaza de Armas (Main Square), Cusco downtown always wearing a red T-shirt of “Free Walking Tour Cusco”.

Book "Free Walking Tour Cusco in English": Once you have booked with us regard it as confirmed!
Meeting point of "Free Walking Tour Cusco": Only in front of the "Inca statue" right in the middle at "Plaza de Armas" (Main Square). I always wait wearing a red T-shirt of "Free Walking Tour Cusco".

The best places in Cusco downtown:

Plaza de Armas at Cusco city
Plaza de Armas (Main Square) at Cusco downtown.
Sun street, babay alpaca
Sun street, it looks like an original inca street.
Qoricancha wall
Qoricancha wall.
Inca street.
Inca Roca palace.
San Blas neighborhood fountain.
San Blas neighborhood square.
Panoramic view of Cusco city.
Ceviche class by Free Walking Tour Cusco.
Ceviche class.