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Free Walking Tour Cusco: Every day at 9:45 am, 12:30 pm, and 3:00 pm.-

Free Walking Tour Cusco in English: Just show up! Every day at 9:45 am, 12:30 pm, and 3:00 pm. 

Free Walking Tour Cusco en español: Solo venga, cada día a las 9:45 am, 12:30 pm y 3:00 pm.

Strictly on booking at: 8:00 am, and 6:00 pm.

Solo con reserva a las: 8:00 am y a las 6:00 pm.

 English: Please, do not get confused! We only wait by “KFC Cusco” located to the East between the “McDonald’s” and the Cathedral of the city at Main Square always wearing a red T-shirt of “Free Walking Tour Cusco”.

Español: Por favor, no se confunda! Que nosotros solo esperamos por el “KFC Cusco” ubicado al Este entre el “McDonald’s” y la Catedral del Cusco en la Plaza de Armas siempre vestidos con un polo rojo de “Free Walking Tour Cusco”.

English tour: Jose Martinez, a former hiking tour guide to Machu Picchu (since 2004) likes to talk about history, and tales of the Incas also about current facts, and hidden sites of Cusco downtown. He only starts from KFC Cusco walking through the Main Square also by important inca’s, and Spanish’s style streets, the Sun temple, the best inca’s wall, the colonial San Blas neighborhood, Cusco’s city panoramic view, and a free ceviche cooking class or a vegetarian tapa at the end!

Tour en español: Enrique Quispe, un guía local autorizado deseoso de mostrar la ciudad con sus leyendas, cuentos, datos históricos, etc. siempre espera por el KFC Cusco para caminar por la Plaza de Armas, la calle y Templo del Sol, el Qoricancha, la Iglesia de Santo Domingo, la piedra de los 12 ángulos, el barrio colonial de San Blas, también la vista panorámica de la ciudad y una clase gratis de ceviche o degustación de una tapa vegetariana al final del tour!

Pay what you want! 

!Pague lo que desee!,

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Once you have booked with us, regard it as confirmed!
Una vez reservado, considerelo como confirmado!

Inca Festival, a recreation of the Sun Festival.-

Sun Festival

We are launching a unique small «Inca Festival» recreating the «Sun Festival» which took place every year on June 21st at Inca time, so 12 characters wearing the inca’s costumes of the Sun deity celebration.

The Sun Festival was the most important religious celebration in name of the «Sun God» of the Incas. This festivity was performed in Cusco town, the capital of the Inca society.

The Incaland was divided in four regions just named after the four points, so there were pilgrims coming from the four corners of their world to worship their Sun deity, actually the «Father of the Inca, the ruler of the Incaland which comprised from Southern Colombia down to Northern Chile».

You are invited for this show where we try keeping the essence, and the authenticity of this native celebration. 

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